I love custom orders, and I get asked all the time to make a shirt with a design that is not in my current repertoire. Please – continue to challenge me! But know that there are some kinds of designs I cannot or will not do.

Most designs are fair game. Here are a few on the "no-no" list:

Logos: Some corporate logos are simple and would look great in batik. But because those logos are the copyright of a company or team, I do not do logos. If you’d like a shirt to celebrate your favorite sports team, let’s talk about making a shirt in team colors instead!

Peace, Baby! Batiks handmade childrens clothing

Characters: Like you, I think a batik Mickey Mouse head would make an adorable shirt. The Batman logo would be fun to do, too. But like a logo, these motifs are owned by someone else. If there’s a copyright on a design, I will not batik it onto a shirt for sale.

Rude or Offensive: Words or symbols that are rude or outright offensive are also on my “will not do” list. Sure I could batik a hand flipping the bird, and I can do any letter or word. But if it’s hurtful or offensive, you’ll have to find someone else to make you a shirt.

Weapons or Violence: The world can be a scary place for a kid, and I will not add to that by creating a shirt with a weapon or a violent theme on it. That means no guns or swords, no tanks or bombs. As a vegan, I extend this to my animal designs as well; for example, I will not put a fish hook on my fish design shirts.

Peace, Baby! Batiks handmade childrens clothing

My goal with Peace, Baby! Batiks is to celebrate the joy and fun of childhood. Kids love trucks and animals and hearts. They love things that fly and things that grow. I am happy to do designs that reflect the joy of being a kid!


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