First things first: Yes, I know this is a Scottish dish and St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday … but I didn’t know that when I started making it, and now it’s tradition!  And I can’t break with tradition -- right? 

So Scottish rumpledethumps for St. Patrick’s Day it is. (Besides, it’s just so much fun to say!)

Rumpledethumps are similar to an Irish colcannon, which is a concoction of potatoes and cabbage. The Scots added butter and cheese, and bam! You have one of my favorite dishes to make.

I serve this with Irish soda bread, a vegan roast or stew, Guinness for the adults, and green Kool-Aid for the kid.


Source: Sundays at Moosewood

This version: 

5 large potatoes 

2-1/2 cups chopped green cabbage 

2 leeks, washed and chopped 

2-1/2 cups broccoli, coarsely chopped (frozen is OK) 

6 tablespoons butter* 

1/4 teaspoon mace 

salt and pepper 

1/4 cup milk* 

1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated* 

Peel and coarsely chop the potatoes. Boil in salted water until tender, about 15 minutes. 

Steam the cabbage, leeks, and broccoli. 

Melt 2 T of the butter and add the mace. Combine the cabbage, leeks, and broccoli with the seasoned butter; salt and pepper to taste.  

Drain and mash the potatoes with the remaining butter and the milk. Salt and pepper to taste. Combine potatoes with other vegetables.  

Oil a 9 x 13 pan and spread the vegetable mixture in it. Sprinkle with grated cheddar. Broil for a few minutes, until the cheese is bubbly and slightly browned. 

* To make this vegan, I use margarine, a non-dairy milk (usually almond) and margarine, and I skip the cheese altogether! 

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