One of the most-asked questions I get when I talk to customers at events and festival is, “Do I need to wash this shirt by itself?” 

The answer? No! Caring for your Peace, Baby! shirt or dress is simple: Wash the item on cold with like colors. I use a fiber-reactive dye that attaches itself to the cotton of the garment, and I take measures after I dye a shirt to wash out any loose dye particles. 

What does that mean for you? It means that his favorite truck shirt or her beloved dress can be washed every single day if it needs to be. (Don’t laugh – it happens. :) ) The color won’t fade noticeably, and you won’t accidentally dye your socks green or pink or purple. 

Your shirt can be washed on hot, but I recommend using a color catcher sheet to trap dye that might come out in hot water. I wash mixed loads of my shirts on hot all the time, and these handy color catchers haven’t failed me yet! 

Then, toss your shirt or dress in the dryer with everything else. Easy! 

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