Like you, I watched in disbelief as hurricanes roared through Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. But my disbelief turned to horror as I see the delayed response from our government to American citizens in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. 

I’m angered even more this morning as the president of the United States attacked the mayor of San Juan, PR, Carmen Yulin Cruz, on Twitter for asking – even begging – for help for her constituents and everyone who lives on the island. 

I’ve been thinking about this fundraiser for a few days, but today I am upping the percentage that I will donate. The pictures coming out of Puerto Rico and the USVI are too heartbreaking to ignore. People are dying. More people will die. 

I will be donating 30 percent of all sales made in my shop (in person and online) from today, Saturday, Sept. 30, through Tuesday, Oct. 31, to the One America Appeal. This fund, organized by the five former presidents, is operated through the George H.W. Bush Library Foundation. Monies raised are being placed in a separate account at the organization to ensure that 100 percent of the donations will be sent to hurricane efforts following Harvey, Irma, and Maria. I will be earmarking the donation to Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico and the USVI. According to the One America Appeal, those funds will be distributed as such:

* Unidos Por Puerto Rico (United for Puerto Rico), an effort launched by the office of the Puerto Rican first lady and a private sector coalition. Website: 

* Fund for the Virgin Islands, which was established by the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands 25 years ago for relief efforts. Website: 

I have chosen to focus the donation on Maria relief efforts because that is where the greatest need is currently, and my family is privately supporting other efforts in Texas and Florida. 

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