The move has slowed my show schedule so far this year, but I know when I get back into them, I will be ready to go. Why?

Because I’ve got my “big craft fair list.”

I created the list after learning the hard way that I need to keep myself organized. I went to more than one show where I forgot something – luckily never something important, like my inventory or my cash. 

So, I compiled the list to keep myself straight. I put onto the list everything I could ever need at a craft show or art festival – even the obvious things. I used to print the list out before every event and use it as I packed the car the night before an event. Then I got smart and laminated my list to save a few trees. 

I’m sharing the list here for my fellow craft business owners, and I hope it saves you some headaches. Obviously you’ll have to tweak the list to suit your business, but at least it will give you an idea where to start. 

A note about the “big red bin” item on the list: That’s my bin of craft fair stuff. I keep my signs, table coverings, and other essentials like tent stakes, scissors, bungees, pens, and wire ties in there. I’ll do a post soon about what’s in the big red bin. It prevents me from going around the house scrambling to find the things I need last minute. The big red bin stays packed all the time. 


__ shirts (duh!) 

__ hangers  

__table with shelves 

__ stool 

__ canopy 

__ weights 

__ gridwalls 

__ wire shelves 

__ wire baskets 

__ side walls 

__ bungees 

__ wire ties 

__ wagon or handcart

__ banner 

__ Big red bin 

__ business cards

__ bags

__ stamp and stamp pad

__ pens 

__ sales tax certificate 

__ cash 

__ lunch/water 

__ sunscreen 

__ phone 

__ phone charger 

__ phone cord 

__ credit card reader 

__ stylus 

__ tape 

__ scissors 

__ calculator 

__ notebook 

__ ribbon 

__ safety pins 

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