Brightly colored batik shirts for the coolest babies and kids around!

It all starts with a plain white T-shirt, and the end result is often a child's favorite T-shirt that needs to be washed and ready to be worn every day.

I started Peace, Baby! because I wanted to make fun clothing for kids. I'm also a SAHM with one son, so I wanted to start a business that would enable me to stay home and keep a flexible schedule now that he's in school.

Everything I make is done in my kitchen (no, really -- ask my husband about the wax on the stove) in my home in Southern Maryland. I do every part of the process: Applying the design in beeswax, dyeing the shirt, boiling off the wax, and packaging your order when it's ready to go.

But that's not to say I do this alone. I'm inspired by my son, the kids I know, and the world around me. I find new design ideas in the most unusual places! I use stencils and hand-drawn designs, including some designs made by my husband and others done with the input of my son. It's a family affair!

I love custom orders -- challenge me! It's fun to create something completely unique for you or your child. Just convo me, and we'll get started.

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